ALEX has about a month to live, roughly the amount of time until his first child will be born.

Soon after being diagnosed with late-stage colorectal cancer, he quit his job as a local news video editor to dedicate his remaining days to making a thinly-veiled autobiographical feature film, as well as a documentary about “life and how to make it in the world”, for his unborn son. As his health rapidly deteriorates, he races against time to finish both passion projects before it’s too late.

PAUL is a part-time aspiring screenwriter and has agreed to help Alex write the script for his film. However, it soon becomes apparent that Paul is using the film as his own sci-fi inspired, hyper-metaphysical, inner-demon slaying catharsis, leading to apocalyptic battles between the two over control of the script.

When not wrestling with Alex over the direction of the film, we learn that Paul’s primary job as a genetic engineer has put him in much deeper trouble. He’s on the verge of completing a DNA editing algorithm that would make humans immortal – as long as the underground Chinese biotech company he started the project with, but has since defected from, doesn’t kill him to regain full control of the project. .

It’s not a super convenient time to find the love of his life, but while dodging Chinese hitmen, Paul falls hard for KYLIE, an artsy barista who works at the coffee shop where he toils away writing and rewriting the screenplay for Alex’s cinematic work-in-progress.

It soon becomes apparent that both Paul and Kylie are badly broken human beings, but are cracked in similar places, and we follow their turbulent love story not knowing whether their mutual not-equipped-for-life emotional dysfunction will ultimately pull them closer together or break them irrevocably.

While battling Paul over control of his own movie, Alex is also fighting to win back the affection of his eight-months pregnant wife JODI, with whom he has become increasingly estranged since he abruptly left his job and began siphoning their dwindling savings into his quixotic film projects.

After uncovering substantial credit card debt used to finance his films, Jodi reaches the end of her rope with Alex, telling him she doesn’t love him anymore and is only sticking around because he is dying.

With seemingly nothing left to live for, Alex is about to end it all when an anonymous STRANGER sends him an email -- seemingly from the great beyond -- telling Alex that his wife still needs him, while also providing Alex with the contact information for a local PASTOR.

Alex then visits the mysterious pastor – who at times offers contradicting advice and perspectives and who will guide him through his soul-searching quest for spiritual redemption and the meaning of life before his time runs out.

As the narrative progresses and the notion of free will is called into question, the characters and audience begin to ask themselves:

Who, or what, is in control?