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TWIN CITIES is an eight-hour psychological drama. The main character of the series is Alex, a dying man on a quest to create a semi-autobiographical movie about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their soon-to-be-born son. 

In this world, Alex’s directorial debut is actually the film I wrote and directed, TWIN CITIES. So, the concept is that the series is a fictional story behind the making of the very real film.

Utilizing an innovative metanarrative structure, the series weaves and overlaps many storylines from Alex and his obsessive and disturbed screenwriter, Paul, and the actors portraying the characters that each man’s real-life narrative inspires. 

As their stories in their personal lives develop and change, the lives of the characters in the film – whose stories we are also closely following – are rewritten, ultimately changing their histories. This editing-life-as-it-goes storytelling allows us to explore many themes, metaphysical theories and unique storytelling techniques to both engage the audience and give great depth to the characters.

More specifically, as what is “real” and what is fiction further blur in increasingly layered ways within the metanarrative structure, the series provides a deeper exploration into how we construct our identity and create meaning in our life out of the thin air of our unexplained consciousness. 

I feel this extended meditation on identity and how we find and reveal ourselves is especially relevant in our new age of never ending selfies, iPhone videos, and video logs — all continually uploaded and shared with the world as a means to construct our own narrative, a self-centered perception of who we are and what our lives mean.

In addition to illuminating how each of us continually creates and re-creates what we call the “self”, the series will also further branch from this perspective into elucidating the fascinating fictions of free will and time, all of which govern our perception of what is real and true. 

Delving a level deeper into the hidden underworld that informs our construction of reality, there will be nothing else like it. 

- David Ash, Writer / Director



Who Wrote It?

The series is written by David Ash and is loosely based on TWIN CITIES,
the critically-acclaimed, award-winning feature film he wrote and directed.

Awarded Already?

This series project won the prestigious 2019 Minnesota State Arts Board "Artist Initiative" grant, which will provide funding for the production of the pilot episode.

How Did the Film Do?

The film won five "Best of Fest" awards out of the nine festivals where it screened and was distributed in fall, 2018, by Summer Hill Films on Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, and Google Play.

Tell Me More

All eight episodes of the first season have been written. For more information visit SYNOPSIS, SHOW BIBLE, and SEASON 1 SCRIPT.

What’s Next?

However, additional funding is needed for the pilot, as well as the other seven episodes of the first season.


The Goal

The ultimate goal is a development deal with a major premium television channel (HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, et. al). We are looking for potential development partners to meet this goal. If this describes you, please reach out via the CONTACT page.



This is a deeply compelling series. It’s boldly and unapologetically creative. It’s personal; it’s entertaining, and it’s wildly imaginative. It is compulsively consumable. It’s a darker, more twisted, funnier version of LOST, but created on a film set rather than an island, and much more Lynchian than Abrams. This was an absolute joy to read, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.
— Ben Layton, script analyst at ScreenCraft who provided coverage of each episode of season 1


2017 FILM

It’s a beautiful, moving, and thought-provoking script with unique and imaginative intersecting stories and devices.
— Slamdance Teleplay Competition
A wildly inventive story. One of the most surreal in recent memory that mess with reality and timelines in a way that adds a shocking amount of depth and intrigue to what could have been a straightforward story of struggle in the movie business.
— Finish Line Script Competition
This script is beautifully written. An entertaining read with a lot of potential.
— Austin Film Festival
I enjoyed this very strong script a lot. It reads very powerfully. The concept of the story is really interesting. It is emotionally resonant and has an engaging plot with some interesting characters.
— WeScreenplay TV Contest
A very dense and thought provoking drama that plays with your perceptions of reality. And I say that in a good way. It’s so refreshing to see something so different, yet at the same time, so relatable. Overall, this is a marketable series that I would gladly watch. What a unique screenplay.” (9 out of 10 rating)
— ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Script Contest
A smart, high-concept, compelling and unique pilot script that is very creative and legitimately profound. This is a talented writer who clearly has a lot to say on many subjects.
— Script Pipeline 2018 TV Competition
This is a very well-written script with unique characters, strong dialogue, and some great artistic flourishes and ideas. It’s reminiscent of Charlie Kaufman, particularly Adaption and Synecdoche New York. I loved the overall idea of the nonlinear nature of time and memory, and how that’s woven into the production inside the production, and then how that bleeds out into the ‘real world.’
— Stage 32 TV Writing Contest
The story is extremely interesting, following thought provoking characters with unique perspectives. The writer has a great voice for science fiction, particularly when it comes to character-based narrative.
— Los Angeles International Teleplay Awards
This writer clearly has talent. We love the way he toys with linear narratives and reality vs fiction. It feels like a treatise on cinema.
— Barnstorm Fest
Twin Cities’ is an entertaining, often-surprising dark comedy that not only spoofs wannabe-auteurs and creatives but also takes an interesting sci-fi slant to its proceedings. It is undoubtedly ambitious, featuring a bevy of interesting characters and an intriguing premise to boot. This script subverts expectations and stands out.
— Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition
A heartbreakingly beautiful film that delves deep into the recesses of humanity and serves up a bittersweet serving of grief, joy, love and so much more without ever missing a comedic beat. A masterful example of indie storytelling. Twin Cities has all the trappings of a classic.
— UK Film Review
This film is a lot deeper than anyone will expect. As you get into it, it gets really interesting, all over the place. Ash has an impeccable eye for crafting an intriguing narrative without it dropping into pretentiousness. This is one of those indie dramas that popped. It’s fascinating.
— The Hollywood Outsider
I loved this film. It is beautifully acted and wonderfully not a typical Hollywood film, but the work of a talented filmmaker with a unique vision that should be experienced.
Ash’s writing and directing draws such immediate, specific, and emotionally compelling performances from his leads that scene after scene grabs you and does not let go. Masterful stuff. I hope this film will jump-start this ‘local’ filmmaker to national prominence.
A far more interesting film than La La Land at less than 3 percent of the budget. The trademark irony of fellow Minneapolis favorite sons the Cohen brothers seems toothless compared to Ash, whose sensibility is a mixture of Kafka and Kierkegaard.
— NY Film Critics Online
Twin Cities is a well thought out, carefully executed movie that does everything you might and should love about independent film. Through its amazing acting, clever writing, and strong editing it is a film that makes you think, keeps you entertained, and most of all makes you feel and care in a way that all the great ones do. It’s an incredible film. A must see.
— GoIndieNow
A most unusual indie feature that takes some huge risks in the structure of its screenplay, the motivations of its characters, and the atmosphere of its story. I am in admiration of the sheer audacity of the storytelling. There is no denying the filmmaking skill and originality on display here. A must-see (and more than once).
— Diamonds In The Rough
You really couldn’t ask for a better independent, low budget film. A great film visually featuring a unique and fresh concept acted out by some truly talented people. Twin Cities is what indie film is all about.
— IndyRed.coma
Twin Cities features a mind-blowing narration and is a film to talk about around the water cooler at work, and sing high praises for within the indie community. This is an ambitious production and Ash is a true independent filmmaker.
Twin Cities is a revelation and a cinematic indie achievement. A great multi-faceted movie about love and loss. It is filled with warmth, wit, and real emotion and is a wonderfully creative cinematic experience. A film of such depth and quality that it begs to be watched over and over again.
— Rogue Cinema
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Series Creator,
David Ash

Ash also wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed, award-winning feature films 2021 and Love: A Documentary, as well as five short films, all of which have played at a variety of local, national, and international film festivals. In January 2016, rights to 2021 were purchased by independent film distributor Summer Hills Films. Summer Hill is distributing the film to US, Canada, and European markets.


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